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Thank You - Writer's Workshop Prompt

So I’m really late in posting this but I decided better late than never.


"Springtime" in my neighborhood

Yesterday morning I woke up and it was SNOWING!!!

I’m so ready for spring and I don’t think we’re even going to get it. It will be summer before we get to enjoy the pleasant warmth – not heat – of spring.

So incase you though “April Showers bring May Flowers” – in my neck […]


Rookie Mommy - That's Me

I like to think I’m doing a pretty good job at being a mom, but there have been many many times over the past 8 years that remind me (and those around me) that I am a rookie.

Where to begin?

This is a great product, I like that it comes in a blister […]


A Letter to Teenage Jade

I know that Jade is just turning 8, but in reading the prompts from Mama Kat’s Workshop, I thought that now is as good of a time as any to write a letter for Jade to read when she is that dreaded 13-19 year old. (I did say dreaded as those were some of my […]


Why do I write??

I’m not an amazing writer.

I’m not funny.

I don’t write for awards or money.

So why do I write?

1. Document our lives

2. Remember the little things

3. Share the lessons I’ve learned

4. Work through challenges

5. Share ideas with friends and family

6. Leave a piece of me for […]

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