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Family Trifecta
Placing my bets on Family, Faith and Fun - in that order. Fingers crossed I win the Trifecta!
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Family Trifecta

The Holy Ghost comforts and guides me.

Our Heavenly Father has given us a very special gift. That gift is something that will warn us when we are in danger or will direct us when we are lost. Before we are baptized, this gift will be with us when we need it. Once we are baptized and confirmed a member of […]


I Can Show Love to Each Member of My Family

Junior and Senior Primary –

Over the past few weeks we have talked about how important family is to the plan of our Heavenly Father. We know that family is the most important part of His plan.

Last week we talked about what our jobs are in the family. Mom and Dad are here […]


Family is Central to God's Plan

Family is Central to God’s Plan

“Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and … the family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children” (“The Family: A Proclamation to the World”).

Junior Primary:

How many people are in your family?

Every one […]


Restoration of the Priesthood and the Translation of the Book of Mormon

Restoration of the Priesthood and the Translation of the Book of Mormon

The past couple of weeks we have talked about the loss of many of God’s truths on the earth. We’ve done a great job remembering many of those things like baptism by immersion, the priesthood, missionary work and the […]


Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith – Senior Primary

Senior Primary –

Last week we talked about when Christ died that eventually many of the gospel truths that He taught died too. Some of the teachings that were lost were the priesthood, temples, baptism by immersion, and some of the scriptures.

All of those truths are very important to the foundation of His True […]

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