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Simplehuman and Costco

I was shopping at Costco today, and guess what I saw …



There are reviews coming...

Since Blogher I have received several very cool products.

During Blogher I received even more cool products.

But I haven’t written about any of them yet. It is time to start doing it. So be prepared for some nifty reviews.

See all the cool stuff I got?



The days are too short

And I realized today that I haven’t taken a single picture this month. I told Scott and he asked if I was feeling okay.

We believe in making memories whenever possible. But the last 10 days we’ve been lazy and tired. Everyone has been fighting off the flu or a cold.

It makes me long […]


Secretariat, Triple Crown Winner

Triple Crown

Over the years, we have paid a little bit of attention to horse racing. It is one of my favorite sports to watch live or on tv. Yet, we don’t make it a priority. We keep talking about taking our girls to the horse races, and hopefully next summer we will make it happen.

While […]


Balloons by Malloon - Family Find


My sister found the coolest master of balloons. Of course, she is only great if you live near enough to pick up or have the balloons delivered. After my sister picked up the balloons she had ordered for her sister-in-law, she called me just raving about this great balloon resource. So, I decided I’d do […]

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