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Placing my bets on Family, Faith and Fun - in that order. Fingers crossed I win the Trifecta!
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Family Trifecta

This is me...

This is me. It is me on a day off of work when I spent the day playing with my girls and taking pictures of them. It is my favorite kind of day. The kind that doesn’t get to happen often enough.

My little sister took this picture and she gave […]


I've learned I'm...

When I was young, I was constantly told, “Amy, you are NOT your performance.”

For years I worked on having a good self-image no matter the reality that I was not the best at everything.

A few years after Scott and I got married, I was really struggling with […]


11 Things to do without in 2011 - What are they?

Oh goodness, where to begin on the items that I do not need in 2011. Here we go…

1. Less stress in 2011. Guessing that most of us could say that.

2. Less discouragement. I hate getting frustrated and feeling like I don’t have the solution.

3. Less sickness. This ones easy to hope for […]


5 Minutes of Memories...

If I had only 5 minutes to save all the memories I could from 2011, what would I want to remember?

1. Ivy’s tonsillectomy and her panic over a Barbie doll at the hospital.

2. Nathan’s baptism (our nephew) – the first baptism that my girls were old enough to understand and remember.

3. Jade […]


My gratitude is great

This year I have learned to appreciate something amazing.

When my sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer, I was first overcome with shock. Then our family focused on hope and faith. We turned to prayer and leaned on the doctors that believed in a treatment.

Treatment began and it really […]

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