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Family Trifecta

Playing Make Believe

Sometimes the girls play “Make Believe” and it is absolutely adorable. Other times they play and I find myself struggling to roll with it.

Sunday was one of those times, as adorable as they were being, I still struggled. See, every once in a while they pretend that […]


Sometimes you just need a hug

The past two weeks have been full of those days for me.

Last week I had transferred all of my files from my old computer to a portable hard drive so that I could slowly pick and choose what files I wanted to load onto my new computer. […]


Tuesday Tips- Dads and Daughters (Part 1)

Dads have a special bond with their little girls.

But those relationships don’t come without work.

A dad of girls has to deal with dress-ups, ballet lessons, gymnastics meets, recitals, high pitched squeals, mood swings, tears and that’s while they are still young. When the […]

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