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Not Quick but Delicious

Several years ago, Coscto carried a Raclette grill by Trudeau. Scott had memories of eating around a Raclette as a missionary when church members would have them over for dinner. Because of awesome memories, Scott bought one and we were excited to try it. The first thing we realized was that our fancy grill was […]


A Real Friend...

It was my second semester of my freshman year. I walked into my Tuesday and Thursday Speech class. It was a general education class with a student teacher and I wasn’t all that excited for the class. I found a seat on the second to the last row in the middle of the room. Little […]


Dan’s Chocolate Cake

Many of you have commented on how delicious Dan’s cake looks and wondered if it was as tasty as it was beautiful. The answer is yes. And the best part about it is that it is super easy to make…

Use any chocolate cake recipe (Dan used a devil’s food […]


Cookie Recipes – because I promised

Sorry I’ve been really busy and really tired this past week – recovering from travel, going on a field trip and lots of work. As promised last week, here are the recipes for all of these yummy cookies…

Rolo Cookies found at Right at Home (they don’t call […]


I Heart Faces- Dessert Recipes

A Family Easter Tradition is my grandmother’s Pina Colada Cake. It is moist and delicious and very very easy to make. I didn’t take pictures of the process, but here’s the recipe…

Grandma’s Pina Colada Cake

Use yellow cake mix. Follow instructions and add ½ c shredded coconut. Bake […]

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