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Full Frame Cameras - What's the big deal?

For those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you have no doubt seen the pictures that announce my absolute excitement over my new camera. Yes, I am the proud owner of the brand new Nikon D600. And so far I love it! (Granted, I’ve only had it for a day (and most […]


Lake Powell 2012

Although the year has been filled with travel, very little of it has been for “fun”. Luckily we did get to have our annual trip to Lake Powell.

We do Lake Powell the hard way. We CAMP. But we camp the right way.

There are 3 families that are […]


Bear River Bird Refuge

Have you ever been to a bird refuge?

Has your family walked (or driven) through wetlands while losing count of the beautiful birds you’ve encountered?

How far would you be willing to travel for the opportunity to view a group of pelicans gathering?

On Earth Day, our family was drawn to the […]


Soft and Sweet

This week at “I Heart Faces” they are focusing on the “soft and sweet”. I immediately thought about this picture. The sweetness of the relationship represented and the softness of a brand new baby.

I took this picture the day after she was born and was still in the hospital. She wasn’t […]


My first night in Vegas...

Okay – so I’m a Nikon shooter. I love my camera. I love the way it feels in my hand. I love the way in shoots in low light. I love the weight and feel of it.

This product is very helpful for me and I take it every day along with this product to […]

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