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Family Trifecta

Developing Talents

As you know, my girls both take a lot of dance. Jade is at the studio for a minimum of 12 hours a week and Ivy is there nearly 5. Yes, it is a lot. But, they love it and they are both learning how to develop one of their talents. They are also learning […]


Sleepovers - Good or Bad?

Tonight Jade went on her first sleep over.

I was filled with incredibly mixed feelings about it.

It was her friend’s 8th birthday party. Not all of the girls were spending the night but about 4 of them were. I hadn’t planned on letting Jade stay. And she […]




Today, I came across a blog that really impressed me. It is one that I now have book marked and will visit often. I was impressed and I was moved. This website focuses on something that has always been very important to me. Something that has always been a struggle – no […]


Playing Make Believe

Sometimes the girls play “Make Believe” and it is absolutely adorable. Other times they play and I find myself struggling to roll with it.

Sunday was one of those times, as adorable as they were being, I still struggled. See, every once in a while they pretend that […]


Being a Parent – Joy or Pain?

I look around at all of the mothers and fathers that I know. I look at them and wonder if they are truly “happy” in their life and their situation. As I look, I think back to something that Matthew Townsend shared during the Casual Bloggers Conference back in May. It makes me think. It […]

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