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Finally Friday

I’m so glad it is Friday. As I said yesterday, it has been a tough two weeks. But it has also been a great week. We’ve accomplished a lot. School has started for both girls and there are parts of it that they both absolutely LOVE. But there are parts they aren’t enjoying […]


The Party

Jade loves to entertain and decorate. We will often find blankets, towels or stuffed animals hanging from different places is the house by ribbons or pipe cleaners. She’s actually pretty good about cleaning up her mess afterwards (well, days after).

This week the girls have been focused on having a PARTY. […]


Swimming and Posing – that’s what they do

I’ve often talked about how different my little girls are. One is adventurous while one is extremely cautious.

The other day, my sister was throwing the little kids in the pool. Kat asked Ivy if she would like to be thrown. Ivy said “sure” and we all had a moment of […]


Relationships take nurturing

Relationships take work, no matter what the relationship is.

When I was young, my mom invested a lot of time building and strengthening the relationship that I had with my cousins. My mom would put together family hikes, she and my aunt put together a quick trip to Capital Reef in Southern Utah, we always […]


time flies, and when it doesn’t…

Remember back when I gave a beautiful piece of art away? Well, I just wanted to say a little something more about my amazing cousin.

Cassandra was just featured on And one of the things she said, I need to quote here on my post. Remember yesterday, when we discussed […]

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