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RS Lesson – Sabbath Day is a Delight

I was asked to substitute for the 4th Sunday of the month Relief Society Lesson. The 4th Sunday is pulled from a General Conference Talk. I was asked to teach from Elder Russell M Nelson’s talk titled “Sabbath Day is a Delight.”

Elder Russell M Nelson began his April conference talk saying, “because of […]


Nephi Prophesies

Lesson 29: Nephi Prophesies

Helaman 7-9

Cut out several of the footprints and have them lead to a picture of the prophet.

What do you think the footprints mean that lead to the picture?

Why is it important that we follow the prophet?

One of my favorite primary songs is […]


Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty

Book of Mormon – Lesson 26


Today’s lesson is about two men. Both men had both been given the truth and the gospel.

One man, Amalickiah had been born a Nephite but had completely lost his faith in the Lord and had forgotten his Heavenly Father. Because of his […]


Enos Prays - Lesson 9

Enos Prays

Lesson 9

I love the story of Enos. Whenever I read about Enos or hear him mentioned in General Conference I am reminded of how important it is to really bear my soul in thoughtful prayer – often.

Attention activity:

Raise your hand when you know what I am.

I […]

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