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Family Trifecta

L.E.N.S. - Best Picture

Today my Sister-in-Law gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Lydia Elisabeth couldn’t have been any more perfect. I took a bunch of pictures but this is one of my favorites.

Check out the other “best shots” over at Home is Where You Start From – the host […]


L.E.N.S - Perspective

I’m curled up in my bed, listening to a mouse scratch on the boxes my husband used to block him in a room. I’ve started hyperventilating a few times, and considered closing my eyes. But the fact is, I’m terribly afraid of mice.

I know it isn’t going to eat me.

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I know […]


L.E.N.S – Fall is in the air

I love autumn. But I hate when summer comes to a close. This year the leaves are turning early and the air is already starting to feel a bit more brisk. The girls are wearing jackets to school, at least in the morning. I’m thinking it is time to pull out my tights. […]


Life is Fragile and so is blogging

I love my life. I love my family. I love blogging. I wish that they weren’t so darn fragile.

Today has brought my family some bad news. My sister-in-law is in the hospital. We are waiting to hear more following additional tests and likely surgery. We don’t know much and […]


L.E.N.S competition – Bokeh

This is my favorite bokeh photo so I thought I’d enter it into L.E.N.S contest over at

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