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Family Trifecta
Placing my bets on Family, Faith and Fun - in that order. Fingers crossed I win the Trifecta!
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Family Trifecta

Traditions. We're full of 'em.

One of the many things that I love about the family that I grew up in is our commitment to traditions. Even after some of them could have or should have died a natural death. While we hold tight to our old traditions, we also embrace new ones. Or at least we’ll give them a […]


Veteran's Day 2011

Today I shared a moment of silence with my 3rd grader and all of the other parents that attended the Veteran’s Day program.

I got all choked up and held back tears.

Thank you! Thank you veterans for serving our great country. Thank you for fighting for freedom and liberty. Thank you for […]


Ode to Mothers

This photo celebrates one of my favorite things about “motherhood”. This is my cousin’s adorable little boy. I took this picture while the bigger kids were hunting for Easter eggs but he was too little to care. His mom was holding him quietly playing with him. I fell in love with […]


April Fool's in the past...

I’m not sure what I’ll be able to pull of this year, but I’m gonna try to do something. The girls love the holiday. Jade is already discussing fun pranks that we can play on Scott. Poor guy is almost always the recipient of many many pranks throughout the day.

This is the third time […]


Valentine's Day...

Some years I love Valentine’s Day. This year was just not my favorite. It didn’t suck – it more or less just didn’t feel like it happened. Luckily, my mom made sure that we still celebrated – despite our very busy and hectic weekend.

She always does such a wonderful job of making each celebration […]

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