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Family Trifecta
Placing my bets on Family, Faith and Fun - in that order. Fingers crossed I win the Trifecta!
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Family Trifecta

Guess, I'll quit letting things go...

I used to be really busy and feel like I wasn’t getting to spend nearly enough time with my girls. And then guess what happened? I got laid off. So after 4 months of working for a company that I felt like I was sacrificing too much for, they gave me 2 weeks severance and […]


Not my End of Quarter

For the past 6 years I spent the last week of March frantically trying to pull in every sales deal possible. I’ve checked my email throughout the middle of the night to see if there had arisen an issue. If there was an order placed, I worked closely with everyone […]


One week off...

I am not one to complain (very often). In fact, I try very hard to always look on the bright side of any trial that I may be going through. Please note that I did say “try”. I am not always successful at achieving this goal. But, I do try.

This product is very […]


The job hunt...

I’m feeling short on time.

I’ve been using this product for 6 months now and it’s totally eliminated all menopausal symtoms. Viagra online? You can buy branded and generic medicines.

For the next week and a half I’m still working in my old job and finishing the transition of everything that I do to several […]



I can’t believe how warn out I am. After having my job eliminated today, I have felt like I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster.

I’m very happy with the service and the quality and i recommend your website to my friends whenever i get the chance. Buy levitra online? This website provides highest quality […]

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