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This year I got to attend blogher in my favorite city – New York. It was absolutely amazing. And as I have already done a post about the whole conference I will focus only on one very fun day.

The last day of Blogher was an absolute blast. Lolli (my roommate and friend) was asked […]


Let the Reviews begin...

During the summer, I mentioned a few times that we went camping. This summer I learned that Scott had never had a true S’more until this year. Having finally introducing him to the camping favorite, I loved spending time at the “S’more Suite” during Blogher.



There are reviews coming...

Since Blogher I have received several very cool products.

During Blogher I received even more cool products.

But I haven’t written about any of them yet. It is time to start doing it. So be prepared for some nifty reviews.

See all the cool stuff I got?



I’m still trying to catch up on sleep…


I really really love New York. It really is my favorite city. I only wish I would have had more time to enjoy the actual city.

I had a wonderful time at BlogHer ’10 and really have no idea where to begin with my recap of an amazing 3 days. So, […]

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