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Ivy Discovered Pinterest

I didn’t think I talked about Pinterest very often. Although, Pinterest is where I have found several tasty treats the past few months (including Jade’s birthday breakfast). And from that, I guess Ivy has gathered that Pinterest has some really cool things on it.

Scott was taking Jade on a snowmobiling ride on Saturday so […]


A Beautiful Saturday

For Christmas, the girls and I got Scott a snowmobile. It is one of those things that he has wanted for as long as I have known him. But he has always said that a snowmobile is hard to justify because the season is so short. After nearly 12 years of marriage, it was finally […]


When a dad doesn't get a son...

There are only 4 of us in our little family. To me, 4 is a perfect number. But we don’t have any sons. I was afraid of getting a boy. Silly huh? I’ve never felt like I would be a good mom to a boy. And I can’t explain why.

My husband very obviously would […]


Bear River Bird Refuge

Have you ever been to a bird refuge?

Has your family walked (or driven) through wetlands while losing count of the beautiful birds you’ve encountered?

How far would you be willing to travel for the opportunity to view a group of pelicans gathering?

On Earth Day, our family was drawn to the […]


Carl Bloch exhibit

Today my parents took the girls to the BYU Museum of Art to see the amazing Carl Bloch exhibit. I am so sad that I couldn’t join them.

Here are a few of the absolutely stunning, breath-taking and inspiring paintings they got to see….


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