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Family Trifecta

First Science Fair Project

Wow, the science fair is A LOT of work!!! No matter how much of it you make your child do on their own, you are still wrangled in to doing a ton to help.

Jade’s first science fair project is on balance and how our sense affect it. For her project she had to write […]


Setting goals for 2014

Over the years, one of my oldest and dearest friends has done a great job of setting an example of making goals and achieving them. I didn’t realize that when he has been setting goals, he hasn’t just listed them out but he has created a document with categories, motivation driving the specific goals and […]


Being a Mom is sometimes HARD

Last night Jade auditioned for ODT’s Nutcracker. It is a modernized version with hip hop and jazz rather than the traditional ballet. When she found out it was hip hop she was super excited to try out.

Now, Jade is a beautiful dancer. I love watching her dance and […]


2012 - A Year in Review

So much has happened this year. Much of it has been wonderful but part of this year has been filled with sorrow.

January – Ivy turned 6 and had an adorable monkey themed party with many of her closest friends. Scott had to have back surgery which now serves as a reminder that he […]


Getting through the milestones

Anyone who has lost a someone close to them knows that each of the milestones presents more tears but also an opportunity to think of and talk more about your lost loved one.

Last week was just one of those days. Almost 4 months ago my sister-in-law lost her 2 year battle with cancer. Since […]

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