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Family Trifecta

I love finding cool things

At Jade’s school we are supposed to volunteer for at least 40 hours a year. When you and your better half both work full-time, it is really hard to find the time to get those 40 hours in. So I try to chaperon field trips as often as I can make it work. Unfortunately I […]


The days are too short

And I realized today that I haven’t taken a single picture this month. I told Scott and he asked if I was feeling okay.

We believe in making memories whenever possible. But the last 10 days we’ve been lazy and tired. Everyone has been fighting off the flu or a cold.

It makes me long […]


Microsoft and the Cloud

I just had to share that I think the new Windows 7 and cloud is completely cool. No, I’m not being asked to say this nor compensated in any way. I simply think it is very cool. Anyway, I’m just starting to play with it and can’t wait to update my other computer that is […]


L.E.N.S – Fall is in the air

I love autumn. But I hate when summer comes to a close. This year the leaves are turning early and the air is already starting to feel a bit more brisk. The girls are wearing jackets to school, at least in the morning. I’m thinking it is time to pull out my tights. […]


Secretariat, Triple Crown Winner

Over the years, we have paid a little bit of attention to horse racing. It is one of my favorite sports to watch live or on tv. Yet, we don’t make it a priority. We keep talking about taking our girls to the horse races, and hopefully next summer we will make it happen.

While […]

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