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A Tool for a budget

I hate budgets.

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A budget gives me a pit in my stomach.

It makes my mood crash into a dark hole.

But I know that it is important.

I would like to quit working full time, in a few years, and be able to volunteer at my girls’ schools

But without […]


Back2Blogging Post #2

Today’s prompt for the SITS Girls Back2Blogging is Re-upload a post you wish more people had read and explain why it was important to you. There are a lot of wonderful posts to be read from today’s prompt.

While I was thinking about the posts that I have written that […]


Oh the things I learned this week

As a parent, we expect our children to learn a lot of important lessons during their time with us. I think that sometimes we forget that we are also learning and unless we realize what we are learning, we won’t be able to improve. This week has been filled with lessons that I have learned. […]


time flies, and when it doesn’t…

Remember back when I gave a beautiful piece of art away? Well, I just wanted to say a little something more about my amazing cousin.

Cassandra was just featured on And one of the things she said, I need to quote here on my post. Remember yesterday, when we discussed […]


Being a Parent – Joy or Pain?

I look around at all of the mothers and fathers that I know. I look at them and wonder if they are truly “happy” in their life and their situation. As I look, I think back to something that Matthew Townsend shared during the Casual Bloggers Conference back in May. It makes me think. It […]

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