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Things might get crazy over here!

It s very possible that life at the Sanford home is going to drastically change.  In August, Jade auditioned for a reality show.  As it turned out, I was part of the audition too.

Rewind to the audition.  Jade and Ivy both attended the audition and were faced with a tough decision.  The producer said that only one of them could audition.  They left the camera on the two of them while they talked it out.  There was a lot of going back and forth between the two of them, both wanting it and both putting their sister first. Then they were sent out to have the conversation on their own and the producer talked to me. Eventually they had the girls come back in and state what they had decided.  Ivy came in and said that they had decided that now is Jade’s turn because she is older and more ready for this type of experience.

The producer was so impressed with how the two of them handled it that he said that if Jade made it, then Ivy could go too.

Well December came with an announcement that we had made the reality show, unfortunately, Ivy wasn’t included in the deal.  I am hopeful that at some point Ivy will get to be involved as well, but for now, we’ll move forward with just Jade.

What is this reality show?  Well, here’s the storyline…

10 young potential stars will be put through a handful of acting challenges, ranging from meeting with casting directors and agents to auditions.  These 10 will be weeded down to the final 6 that will be taken to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams.  There will be different deadlines and if the child hasn’t booked a job, then they will be sent home.

Where do I come in?  Oh, well, umm, you know that show “Dance Moms”?  The title of this show will help you get a feel for what my role is in all of this.  Introducing “Stage Moms of LA”!

As you know, my blog is all about finding the perfect balance between Faith, Family and Life.  I’ve been debating changing the Life to “Fitness” but now I’m thinking more appropriate could be “FAME”.

If you want to get a glimpse into what just might be our future, here’s the link to the TEASER.

Stage Moms of L

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