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Setting goals for 2014

Over the years, one of my oldest and dearest friends has done a great job of setting an example of making goals and achieving them.  I didn’t realize that when he has been setting goals, he hasn’t just listed them out but he has created a document with categories, motivation driving the specific goals and steps to achieving them.  Then at the end of the year, he grades himself.  I had no idea it was such a process, until I asked him for advice on my goal setting last year.

Well, I’m working through last year’s goals and looking at setting this year’s goals.  Some of the goals I did really well on while other goals I completely forgot about.  Oops – guess I need to remember to reference my PowerPoint a little more often.  But, for the most part I did better than I have in past years.  So, I thought I’d share a little bit of the process and some of my goals from last year.

The first section of my PowerPoint document was “Family” with the subcategories of family focus, spiritual focus, household goals, health and fitness and lastly travel.  These are goals that all directly impact the whole family.  Here is an example of a few of these goals.  By the way, I wasn’t able to score myself an A on any of these.

  • Spend a minimum of a full Saturday a month doing a FAMILY activity.
  • Spend a Saturday a month completing a project that will help the girls feel a sense of accomplishment as well as learn to work hard.
  • Family fitness – do yoga or stretch with the family on Saturday mornings
  • Travel – get away for short trips and work towards a larger get-away every couple of years

Here’s a sample of some of the fun weekend activities we managed to do…


Then there was a section for each of us in the family.  Last year I didn’t do a good job of sitting down with the girls to create their goals.  Our plan is to do that tomorrow.  For the girls I’m going to ask them to come up with goals for family, talents, spiritual, personal improvement and fun.  Then I can help them reach their goals but their goals are their own.

My goals were all created to help me be a better wife, mom, daughter, member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, participant in the community and a better rounded and educated person.  For me, I also divided my goals into several different categories: parenting, marital, household, physical, financial, personal development and social media goals.  Here are some of my goals…

  • Read to both girls for 30 minutes a week (not a lot but a good place to start)
  • Write one statement every night for each of the girls about something that they did awesome during the day
  • Be more present for the girls – put away my phone when I’m spending time with them
  • Monthly date nights
  • Practice yoga at least twice a week and do something cardio at least once per week
  • Complete a 5k
  • Keep a journal with me always so that I can write or draw whenever I have free time
Sure it was an indoor tri but I did it

Sure it was an indoor tri but I did it

Many of my goals from last year will get tweaked just a bit and will remain in my PowerPoint but I’ll be adding more specific health related goals as well as additional personal development goals.  Neither of those categories received a very high-grade.

Now that I’ve shared my process for setting goals for the new year, are there any tricks that you use to set your goals?  

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