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Being a Mom is sometimes HARD

Last night Jade auditioned for ODT’s Nutcracker.  It is a modernized version with hip hop and jazz rather than the traditional ballet.  When she found out it was hip hop she was super excited to try out.


 Jade Dances

Now, Jade is a beautiful dancer.  I love watching her dance and I love that she finds such joy in dance.  But Jade is not the best in her class.  She isn’t the most flexible.  Nor is she the traditional body type of a dancer.   All of this made me a bit nervous to have her audition for something that isn’t with our studio.  On the other hand, she can hit hard and she dances with power.  I also thought it would be a fun experience if she did make it and a chance to get to know other dancers from around the area.  So we decided to do it.

We signed in around 6:15 for the 6:30 call time.  Jade and her friend got warmed up and stretched each other’s feet. They went to the front to learn the dance.  When Jade didn’t understand something she had the courage to ask.  While the other girls were auditioning she worked hard and practiced on the side.  She looked strong doing her hip hop and pulled off two ariels and 3 back handsprings for the tumbling pass.  Unfortunately, when it was her turn, she was in the middle of three and got nervous having all eyes on her.

The director started putting them in groups and was obviously sizing them up.  Jade wasn’t called forward and she knew she was going home.

She was right.

Jade came out from the audition, smiled big and told her friend’s mom that her daughter had made it.  There wasn’t a tear shed.

I can’t begin to make assumptions for why she didn’t make it.  And with auditions, unless you have a current relationship with the director, you won’t ever know. (I say current, because when I was young I studied dance from this director but I haven’t spoken to him in years).

Last night she came in to my bed and said how sad she is not to get to do the show.  I’m really sad she isn’t going to be in it as well.

As a mom, you really want good things to happen for your child.  You want them to be the winner  – at least sometimes.  It is hard always being the “bridesmaid”.  Sometimes I think it is harder on me than it is on her.

On the other hand, I was SO proud of how she handled getting cut.  She was so supportive of her friend and took ownership for her mistakes.  Jade didn’t throw blame or act jealous.  Her spirit wasn’t crushed but she was understandably disappointed.

Sure, as a mom, I want my kids to win.  But when they don’t, I couldn’t ask for a better response.

As a parent, how to you handle similar disappointment?

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2 comments to When You Don’t Make the Cut

  • Emily
    Twitter: emihill

    Your daughter handled that so well, which shows she has one smart mama. I’m not sure I’d have been as composed.
    Emily´s last blog post ..Holiday pumpkin dip {GIVEAWAY}


    Twitter: familytrifecta

    You’re sweet. Jade constantly amazes me in situations like this where is shows she has an old soul. – so little to do with my parenting 🙂


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