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Ivy Discovered Pinterest

I didn’t think I talked about Pinterest very often.  Although, Pinterest is where I have found several tasty treats the past few months (including Jade’s birthday breakfast).   And from that, I guess Ivy has gathered that Pinterest has some really cool things on it.

Scott was taking Jade on a snowmobiling ride on Saturday so I asked Ivy what she wanted to do for fun while they were gone.  Her answer was that she wanted to do something from Pinterest.

So something from Pinterest we did.

I let her go through my Pinterest Dessert Board to find something she wanted to make.  She picked “Funfetti Scones

They turned out really yummy, although not exactly the scone texture I expected.  I wouldn’t dip them in hot chocolate like I do the scones from Starbucks.  But I will definitely make them again.  I love that you can make them with holiday sprinkles or no sprinkles at all.  What I really want to do is try them with raspberries or blueberries.  And I’d sprinkle them with raw sugar before cooking them.

She also picked out a craft, which we didn’t get to.  Yet.  I’ll be sure and share when we finish them.

Edited March 2013-16

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