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A Beautiful Saturday

For Christmas, the girls and I got Scott a snowmobile.  It is one of those things that he has wanted for as long as I have known him.  But he has always said that a snowmobile is hard to justify because the season is so short.  After nearly 12 years of marriage, it was finally time to give him something I knew would make him very happy.  And happy he is.

When Scott and I got engaged, I had the choice of a diamond or a sport quad.  I picked the sport quad and we started our marriage off with a brand new Raptor.  I loved going with him to the sand dunes and doing trail rides down along the Paiute Trail in southern Utah. But once we had Jade, something inside me changed.  I wasn’t comfortable taking risks, even if the risk was minimal.

That hasn’t changed.  But now we have two little girls that want to do all of the fun things daddy does.  So I have had to put aside my fears and reservations and take the risks that give me anxiety.  Whether it is 4-wheeling, boating and now snowmobiling I will enjoy it, stopping as often as I can to take pictures of Scott playing with his girls and the beautiful scenery.  Also allowing me to stay on the trails.

A couple of weeks ago was our first, (of hopefully many) family outings up the snowy mountain.  We went to Daniel’s Summit up past Heber.  The weather was perfect and we were able to enjoy a nice lunch in the lodge afterwards.

Snowmobiling 2013

Utah Valley from Daniel's Summit

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