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Getting through the milestones

Anyone who has lost a someone close to them knows that each of the milestones presents more tears but also an opportunity to think of and talk more about your lost loved one.

Last week was just one of those days.  Almost 4 months ago my sister-in-law lost her 2 year battle with cancer.  Since she passed away we have had the 4th of July, my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding anniversary, my niece’s and a nephew’s birthday (a first without their mom) and last week was her birthday.

Two days before her birthday, when my girls realized Anne’s birthday was coming up, they requested that we let off balloons for her birthday.

I was concerned with how we could make it special.  (Anne’s birthday was on Tuesday which is a day that both girls have dance).  So I left work a little early and picked up the balloons on the way to pick them up from school.  Then I put together little strips of paper for the girls (and me) to write notes on.  I had it all laid out  ready for them to do as soon as we got home.

Let me just say it is a fine balance between rushing to get two girls out of the house for dance while trying to do something thoughtful and special.  But, they were motivated to do the balloons.  So both girls hurried and got ready for dance and wrote their notes to Aunt Anne.

The three of us went out to the backyard and sent hugs and kisses heaven ward by way of balloons.

I cried.  They smiled and shared the things they love and miss about her.

And we made it through one more milestone.

And with that milestone my thoughts and prayers continue to go out on behave of my brother and the kids.  I am so amazed and encouraged by the way they are getting along.  And as Tom closes each PTCH video or blog post, “Life Goes On”.  And so it does.


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