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Family Trifecta

"I can go to the temple..."

Well, I recently received a new calling in our church. I am not the first counselor in the Primary Presidency. (The children’s organization of our church).

This is a calling that stresses me out more than most any other calling. But, I know I was called to this position for a reason (even if […]


I got to have lunch with two artists

The other day I was invited to attend a lunch with Liz Lemon Swindle (and not the Liz Lemon from 30 Rock as my brother and Scott joked) and Robert Boyd. When the invitation came, I was so excited. I met Liz years ago at a gallery party that my uncle was part of. So […]


Getting through the milestones

Anyone who has lost a someone close to them knows that each of the milestones presents more tears but also an opportunity to think of and talk more about your lost loved one.

Last week was just one of those days. Almost 4 months ago my sister-in-law lost her 2 year battle with cancer. Since […]

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