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Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty

The Title of Liberty, Title of Liberty, Captain Moroni


Book of Mormon – Lesson 26



Today’s lesson is about two men.  Both men had both been given the truth and the gospel.

One man, Amalickiah had been born a Nephite but had completely lost his faith in the Lord and had forgotten his Heavenly Father.  Because of his wickedness, the Lamanites made him their king.  He wanted to be the king of both the Lamanites and the Nephites so he prepared his people for battle.

The other man, Captain Moroni was as might man who loved the Lord and his people.  Because of his love for them, he swore on his life that he would defend his people against the Lamanites.



Book of Mormon Videos Chapter 32



Turn to Alma 46 to help answer the following questions…


What was threatening the Nephites? (v 1-2)

What did Captain Moroni do when he heard of the conflict? (v 11-12)

Rip off pieces of a shirt or fabric.  Write “In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives and our children” on the fabric and hang it on the chalkboard.

What did he do after with the Title of Liberty? (v 13, 16)

Why do you think the words and actions of Captain Moroni inspired the Nephites?

What covenant did the people who followed Moroni make? (v 21-22)

What did Moroni want his people to remember? (v 23-24)



When you see the flag of the United States flying high, what does it remind you?

Why do we wave the flag, especially on holidays like the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or Presidents Day?

Our flag is a symbol of our freedom and a symbol of what we stand for.

If you were to create a flag that is a symbol of you or of something you stand for, what would you put on it?

Write these answers on the board

Now that we have a good list of things that we stand for, we are going to create our own titles of liberty.

Each student can write their own title of liberty or they can draw a picture of what they stand for, what they believe in or what they hope for.



Captain Moroni did not go to battle without being prepared.  Every day we are faced with a potential battle.  There are ways that we can be prepared.  Part of that preparation is putting on our armor of God.

What does it mean to put on the armor of God?

Let’s break the armor of God down in to pieces and determine how we can put on that piece every single day and what it can prepare us for.

First is the Loin armor: Truth. This means to know right from wrong, to love the truth, to protect your virtue, and to be morally clean.

How does being truthful help us against any possible battle we may come up against?

What happens when you lie?

How does being honest affect how people see/understand you?

Breastplate: Righteousness. This means to choose the right and follow Jesus Christ.

Describe a breastplate?  What vital organ does it protect?

So if the breastplate is righteousness – or choosing the right, how deathly is it if you are not choosing the right?

Shield: Faith. This means to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

How does faith help you daily?

What do you have without faith?

Helmet: Salvation. This means to be judged worthy to live with Heavenly Father forever.

Sword: The Spirit, or the Holy Ghost. This means to be directed by the Holy Ghost and the revealed word of Jesus Christ.

Shoes: The preparation of the gospel of peace. This means understanding the gospel so we will walk the strait and narrow path.



I know that it isn’t always easy to stand up for what you believe.  It isn’t always easy to make sure you are putting on your full armor of God.  But it is important to remember what you stand for and let the world know.  Just as Captain Moroni held his Title of Liberty high, we should too.  I know that if we stand up for what we believe, and what we believe is good, we will be watched over and protected according to God’s will.


Why did you draw the picture/or write the phrase that you did on your on Title of Liberty?

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