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Family Trifecta

Dancing in a National Competition Builds Character

Attending a national dance competition is a big commitment – financially and emotionally (plus it took most of my vacation time from work). It was a big commitment that I was happy and willing to make.

A 9-year-old dancer knows if she loves dance. She knows how to work hard and she knows what commitment […]


It's Fun being a National Champion

At the beginning of the month, the girls and I traveled down to Orange County for the LA Dance Magic National Finals. Jade’s team had to qualify for nationals at a regional competition in Utah. They had worked really hard and did a fantastic job at regionals but this was our first national competition and […]


Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty

Book of Mormon – Lesson 26


Today’s lesson is about two men. Both men had both been given the truth and the gospel.

One man, Amalickiah had been born a Nephite but had completely lost his faith in the Lord and had forgotten his Heavenly Father. Because of his […]


The loss of more than a loved one

Over the years, I have posted, tweeted, Facebook-ed and Instagram-ed stories about my sister-in-law and my brother. Their life together has been full of adventures and love. Here’s a little background and an introduction for those unfamiliar with them…

Tom and Anne met Winter semester 1990 at school They took their 4 […]

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