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Alma and Amulek in Prison

Primary 4: Book of Mormon – Lesson 16

Items needed for the lesson-

Jar of water Ping-pong ball Rope (a jump rope will work if you don’t have a rope)

Last week I did not prepare the lesson, nor did I attend. My team teacher wasn’t there either. So, for our sakes I will […]


Bear River Bird Refuge

Have you ever been to a bird refuge?

Has your family walked (or driven) through wetlands while losing count of the beautiful birds you’ve encountered?

How far would you be willing to travel for the opportunity to view a group of pelicans gathering?

On Earth Day, our family was drawn to the […]


Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah Repent

Primary 4 Lesson 14

During our lives, each of us will sin. We will sin many many times because we are not perfect. Heavenly Father knows that we are not perfect but He does love us.

For my class, I have prepared a backpack filled with bags of rocks. These bags each have a […]

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