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Enos Prays - Lesson 9

Enos Prays

Lesson 9

I love the story of Enos. Whenever I read about Enos or hear him mentioned in General Conference I am reminded of how important it is to really bear my soul in thoughtful prayer – often.

Attention activity:

Raise your hand when you know what I am.

I […]


That big 4-0 is just around the corner

And I know this because my BFF just did it in January. I try hard not to think about the next birthday and what it represents to me until after she’s reached the milestone with grace. Then suddenly I start freaking out and never accept it as happily as she did. For about a month […]


Crossing the Sea

Lesson 7: Crossing the Sea

Show a sign written in a different language. (For me, I’ll have it written in Russian) The sign should say, “Nephi listened to the Holy Ghost”.

What does the sign say?

Obviously they won’t be able to translate it […]

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