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2011 Recap...

In many ways, 2011 was a fantastic year.  But then again, it was one of my least favorite years in recent memory.  I dare say that the fact that it has been the worst year of late, that that explains why I haven’t done much blogging.  As someone who loves to write (even though I know I’m not one of those masterfully eloquent writers, I still love it), I feel like a huge part of me is missing when I’m not writing my thoughts, feelings and activities.

My first journal was when I was 8 years old.  There have been very few spurts of my life that have gone undocumented since then.  My journal has been an outlet, a travel log, a soapbox and a way to keep memories alive forever.  Some of my journals have been for-my-eyes-only while others were written for my posterity.  The ones for my posterity are definitely my favorite.  Unfortunately, I have never done a good job of documenting the times when I’m struggling.  I think that when I am struggling, I compare myself more critically to others and writing down those thoughts somehow validates them and deepens my self-doubt.

So 2011 has kind of been one of those spurts that I didn’t feel like I could document it all.  I would welcome a full day that no one needed me to help them with their rooms, their homework, running them to lessons, cleaning the house, making meals or getting other projects done so that I could update March through December in my photo journal.  It truly pains me that I am so far behind and the memories are becoming less specific and more dependent on the photographs.

All of that being said, let me share with you some of my significant moments from 2011…

January –

Ivy turned 5 and had an adorable birthday party.

February –

Jade turned 8 and celebrated with an Alice in Wonderland birthday party.

I attended my first WPPI convention in Las Vegas in connection with our friends business.

March –

Jade was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We were so blessed that Aunt Anne was still cancer-free and able to attend.

After 6 years at my old company, I left and went to work for an eleven year old start-up

April –

Not much happened besides we went on a walk/scooter/roller-blade stroll down by the lake.

May –

Anne was diagnosed a second time in 9 months with cancer.

June –

The girls both did a beautiful job during their company showcase and Jade got to perform her solo.

Jade took State in Level 3 gymnastics on the beam.

We hiked in the snow to Stewart Falls.

July –

I was let go from the start-up and walked away relieved because it wasn’t a good fit.

Saw a moose up close.

I attended EVO ’11 in Park City and met some amazing new friends.

August –

Indulged in the benefits of unemployment and got to spend the best summer in 7 years playing with my girls.

We floated down the river in Moab and hiked to Delicate Arch during a full moon.

September –

Enjoyed a week of sun on the beaches of Lake Powell and a couple of days in Vegas.

October –

Got a job that has been fun, exciting, different and full of super nice people

Aunt Anne’s scan came back free from cancer.

My dad had knee surgery and we nearly lost him.  But now he’s doing better than he had been months before for the surgery.

November –

Rolled my car down a mountain into a river and have been consumed with gratitude ever since.

December –

Attended a Seattle Seahawks football game and they beat the Rams.

Anne’s scans continue to show no cancer and their family was able to join us for the holiday season.


And that is my year.  Happy New Year and I’m looking forward to this year being MUCH better.

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1 comment to 2011 Recap…

  • Emily
    Twitter: emihill

    I loved the recap, especially because I didn’t really know you before July. What a wonderful family you have and what a year filled with fun, crazy, wonderful things! If only I could get back to journaling. I haven’t done so since I was in college. 🙁 Here’s to a wonderful 2012!
    Emily´s last blog post ..The story of Coco


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