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Quick Catch Up....

I don’t have a lot of time but I’ve missed you and I’ve been dying to sit down and write a quick post.  But then I feel like I need to go back and share what we have been up to the past several months since I went silent.  So, here it is…

September – job interviews, lots of resumes, Lake Powell, Vegas and a job offer

October – started new job, first trip (of many) to Microsoft, a baptism, a hike, a new computer and a fantastic Halloween that included a lot of sewing.

November – Ivy and I rolled down a mountain into a river, walked away without a scratch but the car was totaled, second trip to Microsoft, celebrated the life of Scott’s grandpa after his passing, hosted Thanksgiving and felt overwhelmed with gratitude.

So, there you have it in a nut shell. One of these days, I’ll share more about the wreck, more about Jade’s costume and the pattern that I made up and I’ll do a better job paying tribute to Grandpa Wayne.  Until then, thanks for visiting and know that I will be back. (After I complete the next 4 big work projects on my plate, finish Christmas shopping and get some sleep).

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4 comments to Quick Catch Up….

  • I am so glad you guys were OK! I read about a similar accident the next day, and that family wasn’t so lucky.
    Kristina P.´s last blog post ..The True Meaning of Christmas Is Celebrity and Fame


    Twitter: familytrifecta

    Thanks – I heard the same story and felt so awful for that family and guilty as I was full of gratitude for mine. Had we been going any faster, been in the other car, if my other daughter had been with us, I’m sure things would have turned out differently. Needless to say, I now have dedicated snow tires.


  • Kim smith

    Oh Amy! I am so glad the two of you are ok! What a terrifying and traumatic experience! I hope all is well with the family now!


  • Camille
    Twitter: makeitworkmom

    Amy! I move away and look what happens! Seriously, that picture just sent chills down my spine! What a miracle you were both safe! Please share more about the accident. And those costumes… girl, YOU are creative!! Hope you’re enjoying your holidays!


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