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Guess, I'll quit letting things go...

I used to be really busy and feel like I wasn’t getting to spend nearly enough time with my girls.  And then guess what happened?  I got laid off.  So after 4 months of working for a company that I felt like I was sacrificing too much for, they gave me 2 weeks severance and my accrued vacation and sent me on my way.

The next day I went and spent the day in the sun, playing in the pool and visiting with my uncle and sister.  It was AWESOME.  Even though my sunburn doesn’t feel quit so awesome now.

And on Friday – the girls and I ran several errands.  Including getting me a new phone number.  It was very frustrating having to say goodbye to my phone number of 6 years all because I would have had to take on the terms of the contract with my old phone number.  It was not worth 20 months without a decent phone.  My job would have let me buy my old iPhone for $300 but I could get a new one for $200.  Instead, I’m using an old blackberry that has letters that don’t work and the volume is weak.  But, it is better than spending a huge chunk of change when I just lost my job.  So I’ll adapt.

I’ve reached out to several people about job possibilities, but I haven’t made my list yet of the top 10 places I would like to work.  It’s been a shocking adjustment for me.  Totally and completely unexpected.

Today I am not viewing it as a bad, “woe is me” type of situation – yet.  The first night, I didn’t sleep and it kept running it through my mind what I did wrong.  But, now I feel like it was a blessing.  I wasn’t happy only spending 1 1/2 – 2 hours a night with my girls (unless we let them stay up late).  It was frustrating not having time to run any errands.  We had not gone to the grocery store for several weeks.  When I was home, I was tired and discouraged because of things that had been said to me that I felt were totally uncalled for.  Although, I was excited about the potential of the “new” company and the series A funding that had been raised.

So now I’m looking for a job, spending lots more time with my girls, hoping to scrub and organize the house, weeding (instead of using weed killer), and planning on working out at least some.

Hopefully, it will also translate into more time to blog and hopefully more time to pursue photography.  I even plan on creating a photography Facebook fan page.


Thank you so much for all of the encouraging comments last week on the blog.  It helps to know that we are not alone and it is okay to let things go.

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