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I don't always roll well with CHANGES

Last week, Scott was out of town and I was doing my best to juggle everything on my plate. I was grateful my Sunday School lesson didn’t have to be prepared for Sunday but I was looking forward to the next week’s lesson.

Tuesday night I received a call from the Executive Secretary from church. Whenever you get a call from the secretary, you know one of two things. You are either going to be released from your current calling to serve or you are getting a new calling. (In the LDS church, we are asked to serve in different organizations and you don’t get to choose what you are called to do). For the past 2 years, I have been serving as an adult Sunday School teacher. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that calling. It challenges me. It gives me purpose, focus and strength. I would be perfectly happy to serve in that calling for the rest of my days. So having the call come when I was home without Scott was not welcomed. I really wanted to have my support system by my side when I was released from my favorite calling.

I didn’t sleep that night. I just fretted about what was going to happen. I was sad that I was most likely getting released and I was afraid of what was going to be next. I’ve served in the women’s organization, the Sunday School organization, the young women’s organization but NEVER the little kids organization. In my mind, I had decided that the reason I had never served in the kids organization was because I am not great with kids. I love children but they don’t love me. Growing up, I was never called to babysit the neighbor kids. If they were desperate they would call me once, but never a second time. And I was okay with that.

In our home, I do the “structured play” and Scott does the “fun” play. I would definitely describe him as the playful parent and me as the serious one. I’m not considered a funny person nor am I one that laughs super easily. The humor has to sink in for me to laugh. (Or it needs to be late at night and I need to be tired).

All of that being said, guess what my new calling is?

Introducing Amy Sanford, the newest teacher for the 3-4 year olds!!! Really! I’m dying. Not adapting at all well to this change.

But, it just might provide with some “funny” material for the blog. 6 boys and 2 girls is bound to make me laugh (or cry) each Sunday.

**I am stuck on a picture for this post.  Once I come up with one I’ll update it. 🙂

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4 comments to I don’t always roll well with CHANGES

  • Miel et Lait
    Twitter: miel_et_lait

    Take a deep breath and think that He wouldn’t have let you been called if He thought you couldn’t do it. Don’t they say, “He doesn’t give us more than we can handle?”

    This is an opportunity for you to work out your creative muscles and hone your Bible explaining skills. I’ve always learned something best when I’ve had to explain it to a child. I get rid of the fluff and get down to the bare bones truth of the matter. By explaining His words to children, it might help you strength your relationship with Him.

    Good luck!!! I bet you’ll do great!
    Miel et Lait´s last blog post ..Rapture- The day the world came to an end


    Twitter: familytrifecta

    your attitude rocks and and totally need to adopt it. It is going to challenge me in MANY ways. Hopefully I’ll learn or they’ll learn and I’ll embrace this new teaching position.


  • I got released from my calling about a month ago and haven’t gotten a new one since. Adam hasn’t had a calling in almost the entire time we’ve lived here, 6 years. Living in a branch, callings are scarce. This only feeds into my dislike of our branch.
    Kristina P.´s last blog post ..2012 Came Early This Year


    Twitter: familytrifecta

    I can’t believe he’s gone 6 years without a calling. I hope you both get a calling that can help you feel better about the branch soon. I feel so much better when I have a calling that makes me get involved.


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