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Family Trifecta

Finding a Happy Place

So far, Sunbeams (the 3-4 year olds in my church) are not helping me get to my happy place. Luckily I did not have to teach this week. I only had to sit with them during the combined meeting.

There are two of the kids that have made friends with me, and I think I […]


Little girls like bugs...

Some girls like dolls and other girls play dress-up. My girls? They dig up pill bugs and then save them in a cup. And they collect grasshoppers and store them in a real bug catcher toy from target. And then they leave them around the house. Lucky me.


3-4 year olds = SUNBEAMS

Scott received a phone call right before church asking if he could help out with Ivy’s primary class. All he had to do was sit with her class during the under-7 combined meeting and attend her class. Ivy was SOOOO excited.

Once in the meeting, my class was immediately standing up and screaming because […]


I don't always roll well with CHANGES

Last week, Scott was out of town and I was doing my best to juggle everything on my plate. I was grateful my Sunday School lesson didn’t have to be prepared for Sunday but I was looking forward to the next week’s lesson.

Tuesday night I received a call from the Executive Secretary from church. […]


First Time in Dallas - and some iPhone photos

I’m so tired but I wanted to post some pictures from my first night in Dallas. It is crazy that with as much as I have traveled in my lifetime, I have never been out of the airport in Dallas.

My first impression flying in was “Holy cow there are a LOT of big beautiful […]

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