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An afternoon stroll or scootering or blading

Actually, I was the only one that didn’t have wheels for any part of our stroll.

Sunday afternoon, we decided to enjoy the brief good weather that we had by taking a walk (of sorts) down by the lake. There is a great paved trail that goes around most of the lake.  We were able to park and then walk for more than a mile, stop at threw rocks into the lake and then walk back to the parking lot.  Both girls loved it and are ready to go again.  Ivy’s pushing leg got a bit sore and Jade had two little falls, but other than that, everything else went off without a hitch.

It seems that since my new job started, I have been so busy I haven’t taken the time to smell the roses, enjoy the sun or most importantly – play with the girls.  It is very difficult to achieve the perfect balance when you are getting used to a new job, a new boss, new expectations and the excitement of a the future this company has the potential of reaching.  I also have to make time to train and time to develop my role – which is really important.  Which results in it being very difficult to make sure my family gets the very best of my time.  I am trying very very hard to do better.  Hopefully soon, I will be able to balance it all again.

How do you find time to enjoy the things that really matter while you are developing in other areas?

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