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Playing Make Believe

Sometimes the girls play “Make Believe” and it is absolutely adorable.  Other times they play and I find myself struggling to roll with it.

Sunday was one of those times, as adorable as they were being, I still struggled.  See, every once in a while they pretend that Jade is Ivy’s mom and I’m called “Grandma” and I get in trouble if I don’t answer when they holler for Grandma.  And if I answer when Ivy says “mom” then I get the eye-roll.

Jade was “Queen Heaven” and she has pets of every kind of animal because “lots of animals die and go to heaven.”  Her daughter, Ivy, is “Princess Bubblegum, but you can call her ‘Ivy'”.

They had so much fun with their pretend reality.

I don’t love it because it makes me feel old.  I feel like I only get to be a mom to two little girls for such a short time, and I feel like they are rushing it when they make me go by “grandma”.  Sure, I know it’s goofy.  But every single time they say “grandma” I get a pain deep in my chest that the future is just not very far away.  I want to hold on to those beautiful little girl faces for as long as I possibly can.

I can’t believe my baby is 5 years old and my big girl is almost 8.  Ugh – where has the time gone?

What makes you feel like time is slipping away?

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