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The BEST Christmas gift EVER!!!

Scott and I aren’t much into the Black Friday shopping.  We did it our first year married and got so frustrated that everything we got up super early for was sold out by the time we got through the lines.  Granted that was nearly 10 years ago and Black Friday wasn’t quite as big of a deal as it has evolved into.

This year we bought one gift on Black Friday.  It was actually the gift that my parents gave our family.  Scott was checking his emails and found a deal on CityDeals.

It was the Pass of all Passes.  A season pass to Trafalga in Orem and Lehi, Seven Peaks in Provo and all of the Owls and Flash games you could ever want to see.

We knew it would be a fun gift and one that would help us with our quest to always enjoy today.  We had no idea the extent of excitement that it would generate with our two little girls.

Jade threw herself on the floor and said, “I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough!  This is the best Christmas present EVER!!!”  She was even more excited when she found out that there are others in our extended family that will be receiving the “best Christmas gift ever”.

So, this year, Black Friday provided us with a full year of fun fun fun!  I’m really excited about fun family activities that we don’t have to pay for every time we go.  Hopefully it will mean that we all get really good at miniature golf and the batting cages.

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