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5 Minutes of Memories...

If I had only 5 minutes to save all the memories I could from 2011, what would I want to remember?

1. Ivy’s tonsillectomy and her panic over a Barbie doll at the hospital.

2.  Nathan’s baptism (our nephew) – the first baptism that my girls were old enough to understand and remember.

3.  Jade and Ivy having their first dance competition.  They both loved it and loved being on the stage.  I was also so impressed with their teachers and the love and leadership they showed during each and every one of their competitions

4. Jade’s first gymnastics competitions.  It was so much fun watching her grow and improve after each meet.

5.  Going to St George with my parents and Scott’s parents for a dance competition.

6.  Getting a puppy and spending several months loving him and training him.

7.  Giving my sister our adorable little dog because Scott was allergic to Zero.  We still miss him and love getting to give him cuddles when we go visit my sister.

8.  Many fun dance programs by the girls and watching their excitement for dance grow with each performance.

9.  A fun summer filled with boating, playing with cousins, swimming and ending in constant prayer for my sister-in-law

10.  A very fun trip to Lake Powell.

11.  Ivy’s first week of school – everything was so exciting and so new.  Her stories each day confirmed we had made the right decision about letting go of our nanny.

12.  An nontraditional Thanksgiving – we went to a restaurant and ate in a covered wagon.

13.  Realizing that today is the day to make memories and enjoy your life.

14. Going to Lion King and having both girls love it.

15.  West Lake naming their field after my dad and having the Governor of Utah introduce him.

16.  Hiking with the girls and having both girls hike the whole time – no carrying.

17.  Getting to meet the real Santa and being reminded of the true meaning of Christmas by Jolly Old Saint Nick himself.

****Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you m

ost want to remember about 2010.

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