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Beautifully Different

I have decided to participate in Reverb10.  Unfortunately I’m getting a late start.  And of course it is one that is really hard for me.  I’m struggling with what to say about me.  I very rarely write about me

Me – what makes me different?  What do I do that lights people up?

I’ll just try and break it down one question at a time.

What makes me different?

I’m not a funny person.  I’m not a confident or outgoing person.  But at night, when I get tired, I am a goofy person.  Scott refers to it as “bed mood”.

In high school, I used to know it was past curfew when  I’d start to get  goofy.  My girlfriends would sit and laugh at me while I would put on a monologue for them.  I’d entertain them with a conversation with me, myself and I – all with different voices or accents.   Sometimes I’d even have a fight with myself.  We’d sit in my 1982 Toyota Corolla for hours just laughing and playing around.   Those were fun times.

They loved me and embraced me no matter how wacky I was.

Very few people know that side of me.  In fact I hid it for many many years.  Until I married Scott.  Only then did I feel confident enough to show my goofy side once again- on a regular basis, but only with Scott and my girls.  My four year old has the same tired mood.  She gets silly and speaks with silly accents.  Both of us laugh uncontrollably.  (Oh the things we pass on).

What do I do that lights people up?

I am incredibly unaware of what I do that other people find neat, impressive, touching or awesome.  Because I am completely oblivious, it means I am constantly asking Scott, or my mom, or my best friend for feedback.

I’m always amazed when someone pays me a compliment.  It catches me off guard and I stammer as I say “oh thank you” because I don’t know what else to say.

So what do I do that lights people up?  I have no idea.

There is a whole list of things I do that I hope make people happy.  From taking pictures to sharing stories on my blog or making treats for a neighbor.  I hope that a conversation that I have with someone who is struggling with something helps them be happier.  I hope I can say hi to someone when they are feeling alone and help them know that they are loved.  I hope I can share an experience that helps someone else have the courage to live in the moment.

***December 8 – Beautifully Different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful.

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