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My gymnast

Jade thrives on a super busy schedule.  She goes to the gym twice a week for nearly 3 hours.  And she’s at the studio twice a week for another 3 hours a day.  One day a week she has off.  She does homework when she gets home from the gym or the studio.  And on her day off we try and do something fun and she does the rest of her homework.


I think that being really busy is great for a lot of reasons, from health to social to developmental.  Of course I wish Jade had a friend or some friends in the neighborhood that she could play with, but she doesn’t.  If she had friends I’d encourage her to give up something or not do quite as much of one thing or another.  But the fact of the matter is that when she isn’t at dance or the gym, she mostly wants to play video games or watch movies.  (She is an absolute movie buff and will one day be a great movie critic).

Will she be a collegiate gymnast? Not likely.  Do I see her dancing throughout her life? Absolutely.  Will she be a professional? Doubtful.

She’s talented.  She’s smart.  She needs dance for the teamwork, social skills and grace.  Gymnastics gives her focus and discipline – plus some killer moves.  I hope that she’ll take all of those lessons with her no matter what she chooses to do.  And whenever she tells me she wants to quit, dance or gymnastics, I’ll let her and love her for making the decision on her own.

What did you do when you weren’t in school?  What are your kids doing after school?

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3 comments to My gymnast

  • Holly
    Twitter: HJPix

    She is such a talented little CUTIE!!
    It’s good that you encourage her in her dreams and allow her the freedom to choose!! What a GREAT MOM she has!! ;D


  • I did piano lessons, but wasn’t really active in extracurricular activities.
    Kristina P.´s last blog post ..She Bangs- She Bangs


  • Heather

    You know I have struggle after struggle with this. I told T that he’s skipping swim today so he can have a normal day. He is excited to be able to play after school and hopefully his arms will be rested and ready for his meet tomorrow. 5 days a week of no playing just seems like too much of a sacrifice for an 8 year old to me. But it seems to keep his asthma under control so what do you do. I think when we have really busy kids (or five really busy kids in our case) you have to work extra hard to achieve balance. Anyway… the question was what do your kids do. That would be dance and more dance, swim and more swim, scouts, activity days, and violin. They don’t get to watch tv or play video games unless it’s a special occasion and everything else is done.


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