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Why do I write??

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I’m not an amazing writer.

I’m not funny.

I don’t write for awards or money.

So why do I write?

1.  Document our lives

2.  Remember the little things

3.  Share the lessons I’ve learned

4.  Work through challenges

5.  Share ideas with friends and family

6.  Leave a piece of me for my kids and grandkids

7.  Help others by example and stories of successes and failures

8.   A way to display some of the tens of thousands of photos I’ve taken the past 10 years

9.   Explore my strengths and develop them


I started blogging in 2007 and can’t imagine life without it.  Before blogging I wrote in a journal.  I’m glad I have those journals but they don’t have pictures, they don’t include all of the fun adventures we have.  Plus, the journals are difficult to read (ask Scott, my handwriting is atrocious).  I rarely found the time to write so I would keep a list of things we did or funny things Jade said and try to write about them months later.  Now, I can quickly post a picture and a few words and always remember.

One day, maybe I’ll be able to go and re-write all of the journals in a blog and then toss them.  But for now, I’ll keep writing nearly every day.  I’ll take pictures every chance i get.  I’ll share tips and tricks to balancing a life filled with work, play, laughter and tears, faith and everything else that comes with a family with two little girls.

If you write, why do you?  (You can find out why other bloggers write by going to Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop)

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