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During the summer, I mentioned a few times that we went camping.  This summer I learned that Scott had never had a true S’more until this year.  Having finally introducing him to the camping favorite, I loved spending time at the “S’more Suite” during Blogher.

I am lover of S’mores (and other marshmallow treats) and am glad my kids have embraced the goodness that is chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers.

Not long after I returned from Blogher ’10, I received a fairly large package in the mail.  I was so excited when I opened it because this is what I found…

My girls were more excited than I was.  We took them camping with us the very next weekend.  There really is nothing better than a sticky gooey mess of roasted marshmallows sandwiched between graham crackers and real hershey’s chocolate.

Some advise when having S’mores…

1 – Don’t be cheap on the chocolate.  Hershey’s really does melt smoothly and quickly.  The graham crackers should be the crunch, not the chocolate.

2 – Everyone has their own preferred way of roasting marshmallows.  Some like them black and charred.  Others like them golden brown all the way around.  And still others would prefer to pop them in their mouth without roasting them at all.  For S’mores go for the evenly browned and just slightly swollen method.  The charring ruins the flavor and not roasting them doesn’t melt the chocolate.

3 – Bring wet wipes.  REALLY.  Just because you may not have children around doesn’t mean you won’t get sticky.  You just might get some in your hair.

Thank you so much to the S’mores team at Blogher for being so kind and sending me this really awesome care package.

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