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I love finding cool things

At Jade’s school we are supposed to volunteer for at least 40 hours a year.  When you and your better half both work full-time, it is really hard to find the time to get those 40 hours in.  So I try to chaperon field trips as often as I can make it work.  Unfortunately I was late to Back-to-School night and the field trips were mostly all taken.  I am chaperoning a couple, but not nearly enough to get to my 40 hours.

Last year I managed the scholastic book orders.  That took a little bit of time.

This year I found the perfect role for me to get volunteer hours.   Historian.

So I discovered a great way to be a class historian. Shutterfly has “ShareSites” and if you do a classroom one it is totally secure.  You have to be invited and you must have a shutterfly account with that email address.   Once you are a member of the site, you have the rights to add photos and posts and calendar events.

It was so cool, I decided to do one for the dance companies at our studio.

From the website parents can create a photobook or order prints.  How cool is that???

I’m so excited!  Go create your own classroom site (and while you are signing up, you get 50 prints for FREE)!

**** PS I received nothing from Shutterfly, I wasn’t asked to do this by Shutterfly, I simply found it on my own.

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