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The days are too short

And I realized today that I haven’t taken a single picture this month.  I told Scott and he asked if I was feeling okay.

We believe in making memories whenever possible.  But the last 10 days we’ve been lazy and tired.  Everyone has been fighting off the flu or a cold.

It makes me long for the sunny days of summer.

I’m going to have to get myself back in the groove and start taking more pictures.   We need to re-focus our efforts to have fun and get more done.


Tuesday night we were all peacefully sleeping.  No girls had found their way into our bed.  (I love when my girls come in and cuddle, but not every night and I cherish the occasional night that I don’t have to sleep on my back with one girl cuddled into each arm).

Suddenly Scott and I were rudely awakened by a loud and shrill beep.

I looked at the clock and it was 3:15.  (I’ve never been okay with waking up at 3:15, it actually really freaks me out.  If you have ever watched the movie “Amityville Horror” you understand why that time of night gives me the creeps).

In a panic Scott ran to the hall where our smoke alarm was going off.  We didn’t smell smoke so he disconnected it to see if it was the battery.  After he replaced the battery he plugged it back in.  Immediately the shrill beeps began again.  They were so high and so loud that they made me dizzy.

Then I noticed it wasn’t the smoke alarm going off but our carbon monoxide alarm.  And the one downstairs went off as well.

We opened all of the windows and the alarm turned off.  The rest of the night we left the windows wide open and we turned the heater off.

Scott and I laid in bed.  Both researching Carbon Monoxide.  He on his iPad and me on my phone.  Apparently what we should have done is quickly gotten out of the house and called 911.  They will come and test it while the alarm is going off.   Oops – our bad.

I said a silent prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for protecting our little family.  And I tried not to think about what could have been a very sad scene if we didn’t have an alarm.

Scott went and got both girls and brought them into our bed, we closed our door and got a space heater to keep us warm the rest of the night.  Finally we all fell asleep.  Just in time for our wake-up alarm to go off.

The next day we had the “Heater Guy” come out.  Alex went through our whole house testing for carbon monoxide with his cool tools.  Luckily he found none, only a “clunk” when the heater turned on.

If you do not have a Carbon Monoxide detector, please go and get one.  They can save your life, and the occasional “false alarm” can serve as a gentle reminder that life is fragile and there are things that we can do to prevent damaging it.  By the way, the girls did not wake up to the alarm and neither remember hearing it in the night.  They now have alarms that have a voice warning because studies have shown that children wake up to a voice quicker than they do an alarm.

Do you have a carbon monoxide alarm?  How many smoke detectors do you have?

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1 comment to The days are too short

  • Camille
    Twitter: makeitworkmom

    oh that is too scary! We used to have one, but it was located near the TV and every time a button was pushed on the remote, it would go off, so I just unplugged it. Maybe I just need to find a new location for it? Life IS fragile. So glad you guys were all looked over that night!!!


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