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Because she wanted to

Just like everyone else, we are short on time.  Our lives are filled with work, school, homework, family, lessons, playing and everything else.  So we find it hard to find the time (while it is still light out) to just play and do the things that kids love to do.

Jade always wants to ride her bike.  But she doesn’t have any friends in the neighborhood to ride with.  One street over where she does have friends is a fairly busy street and not one that I feel safe about my easily distracted little one riding on.  By the time we get home from work, lessons etc it is usually pretty dark or dinner time.  So she doesn’t get to ride very often.

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The other night Scott promised her they could go riding after he got home from work.  By the time he got home and everyone remembered the promise, it was dark.  But a promise is a promise.  So together they rode to Walgreens and got a treat.  (Ivy and I drove down to meet them).

When she got off her bike at the store, her grin was from ear to ear.  It was one of the most adventurous things she had done.  And she loved it.

*** One day we should replace Scott’s 15-year-old bike and my 20-year-old bike, but for now they work great.  But isn’t Jade’s bike adorable?  Scott wanted to get her something that said girl but not prissy.  After several stores, we found the perfect one.  Now if only we could get her to quit growing – pretty soon that seat isn’t going to have any more room for growth.

What have your promised a child that has been hard to do?

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