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L.E.N.S - Perspective

I’m curled up in my bed, listening to a mouse scratch on the boxes my husband used to block him in a room.  I’ve started hyperventilating a few times, and considered closing my eyes.  But the fact is, I’m terribly afraid of mice.

I know it isn’t going to eat me.

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I know I’m bigger than it.

But the fact remains, they creep me out.

Today’s challenge at Home is Where You Start From is all about perspective.  My photo fits the definition of perspective, but has nothing to do with the mouse.

The photo was taken at our church summer party.  I love standing by the high dive and capturing the moves of others with less fear than I have.

Many fears can be conquered if you can think rationally and put it into perspective.  I’m afraid of high dives.  I won’t ever jump off one, even though I can understand the odds are slim of me actually getting hurt.

I could go to sleep right now, and sleep peacefully knowing the mouse is NOT going to eat me.  But, I’m not always rational and as far as I’m concerned, that mouse is dirty and spreading awful germs every where he steps.  Oh, and gross mouse droppings.

So, from my perspective, sleep is not going to happen and mice are scary.  (Even outside they make my heart skip a beat).

Do you have any irrational fears?

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