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What a fun day we had.  We had so much fun we were even mentioned in the Salt Lake Tribune!  (My sister and my brother have been in the newspaper a lot in their life time.  I have not.  So, I’m very excited – even though it was just a mention and had to do with cattle).

We were headed up the canyon for a hike to some hot springs.  On our way we were stopped by the forest service and were notified that 600 head of cattle were right around the corner.  In June the cattle head up the mountain and mid-October they bring them all back down.  There were adorable baby cows and great big huge mommy and daddy cows.   I loved the sounds of the cows, and the watching them head straight toward the car with their big brown eyes.  I now understand the appeal of photographing cows and horses.  They really do have some serious personality.

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The kids were so excited about it.  Ivy insisted that it was a “stampede” and that it was the “awesome-ist” part of the day.  She even told the reporter from the Tribune that it was so fantastic.

Here are a few pictures from our little bit of a road block…

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