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I took some pretty pictures, but instead...

I’m going to show the ugly that happened this past weekend.  We had spent a wonderful Saturday out on the boat with friends.  All of the bigger kids attempted something new (water skiing, wake boarding, surfing) and the little LOVED being in the briskly cold water.

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We had decided to go to dinner as a very scrounge-y looking group.  So, we cleaned the boat and got everything loaded in the car to go.  The girls both ran to our car.  Ivy was wearing flip-flops that were to big for her and she isn’t the most graceful in the family.  So just after she had reached her maximum speed, SPLAT, flat down on her face.  Apparently she takes after me and doesn’t believe in catching herself with her hands.  (The doctor said that might be a good thing because otherwise she could have broken her arm).  Anyway, I rushed over to pick her up and blood was GUSHING from her nose.  I told Scott it was broken (as the black and blue line across her bridge quickly formed).  Instead of heading to dinner, we rushed to the hospital.

While I was sitting in the back with her, her eyes would roll up in her head and she’d start to fall back.  I know she was totally in shock, but it still really scared me.

Scott dropped us off and we ran in.  He took Jade home and finished cleaning up.  We had planned on a typical visit to the emergency room that takes several hours.

This first picture was taken about 15 minutes after she went “splat”.

The nurse got us through TRIAGE very quickly.  As it turned out, I knew her, her little brother, and older sister from high school.  So we did a little bit of catching up while we waited to be taken back.  Just a few minutes later, we were sitting in the little room ready for the doctor to check her out.

Because of her head bonk and her eyes rolling up in her head, they checked for a concussion as well as a broken nose.  Lucky for her, she still only has cartilage in her nose so there was no bone to break.  (Although if you ask her, she will tell you that her nose was broken.  And I’m okay with her believing that because it is helping her be a little more careful with it).

So after her X-ray and a sucker, we were headed home.  We were in the emergency room for less than 45 minutes start to finish.  Woohoo for IHC’s American Fork Hospital.  And kudos to a wonderful ER doctor that played with her and educated her on everything he was doing.  She had nothing to be afraid of and he made it very pleasant.

This picture was taken after we were told it wasn’t broken and we could go home.

The next morning Ivy was still pretty swollen and still looked a bit crooked.

Here we are, nearly 6 days later, and she still has some bruising and a little bit of swelling, but not enough that anyone would believe the top picture was only a few days ago.

Ivy is a trooper and she is so comfortable with doctors.  She is the model patient of how kids should react at the hospital or doctor’s office.  Oh, except that doctors and nurses very rarely think she is actually sick because she is just so good-natured.

What accidents have made you rush to the Emergency Room and it turned out to be “just a bruise”?

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