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Cancer is UGLY and way too COMMON

I am overwhelmed by how many people in my family have fought the huge fight that cancer requires.  Of those that have fought with the beast, only one has fallen from the fight.  I pray the fight continues to be won by each member it attacks.

My dad was a 25 year old professional football player that was attacked by lymphoma.  He was given a brutal and fatal prognosis.  After being told to live comfortably for the little bit of time he had left.  He fought against the beast and came out a winner.  He returned to the football field.

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My grandpa was strong and full of life.  One day he came down with pneumonia.  Two weeks later, he wasn’t better.  After a couple of weeks, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.  It was located in a location that was inoperable.  The doctors thought he could beat it with a mild chemotherapy that wouldn’t even make him lose his hair.  Three weeks later, we said goodbye to my “ball of fire”.

Next, my uncle was diagnosed with cancer.  He never talked about it.  If you didn’t know he was going through it, you would never have believed it.  He was strong and faithful.  He beat the beast.

My cousin’s wife found a lump.  Shortly after her finding it, she had a double mastectomy and fought the fight with chemotherapy and radiation.  A year and four months later, she is still cancer free.  We know that the next 4 years are very important in her recovery.  Breast cancer that comes back somewhere else within 5 years of the initial diagnosis, is hard to beat.  We continue to pray for her and her sweet little family.

Most recently, my sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer.  She is deep in the fight and we know that she is getting all of the right treatments and doing all that she can to beat this monster.

Cancer can’t be ignored.  Everyone will know someone close to them that will be faced with the battle for their life.  We have to be prepared.  It is our responsibility to do today the things that can help us with tomorrow, if we have to fight that fight.

We have to slow down.  Enjoy the todays.  Eliminate the negative stress.  Share dinners with our family.  Eat right.  Be active.  Avoid the things that can make us sick.  Now is the time to find your faith and your strength.  Check your breasts.  Pay attention to spots.  Get your exams.

One of Mama Kat’s prompts this week is… In an effort to spread awareness, share your (or someone you know/love) breast cancer story.

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