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Blogging, why?

My brother started a blog.

My cousins started  blogs.

My best friend started a blog.

My husband started a blog.

My husband quit his blog.

I started a blog.

I quit my blog.

I started my blog again.

I started a cooking blog.

I started a photography blog.

I quit my cooking blog.

I quit my photography blog.

I started this blog.

I blog because I love documenting our lives.

I blog because I am reminded of my blessings each time I write about them.

I blog so I won’t forget.

I blog because I just might share something that will help someone else.

I blog so that I can grow.

I blog just in case there isn’t a tomorrow, and my family can remember.

I blog to share my love for God.

I blog to maintain a balance and walk away from work at the end of the day.

I blog for the friendships that I have made through comments on my blog and commenting on their blogs.

I blog for the friends I have made at blogging conferences.

I blog for me.

I blog for my family.

I blog for you.

If you are a blogger, why do you blog?


Today’s prompt was, “Why do you blog?”

Play along! Write a post using the daily prompts we described here and then link your post on SITS each day this week.  All posts should mention and link to our sponsors, Standards of ExcellenceWestar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances, somewhere in the text.

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